Request A Game Statistics Data

On this page you can enter a game name and we will try to research on its game statistics such as player base, how many people are playing it on the past 2 years, or if its a new game how many people playing on the first day it was released, current number of players, platforms where you can play the game and maximum daily players. Please note that this research will be pending for action from our research team.


  • Game should be available on all major platforms such as mobile, PC, XBOX, Nintendo, Linux, and Play Station series.
  • Game should be publicly released and is not on BETA stage.
  • Game should be available on most countries.
  • Game should be released from 2010 to present.

If your game qualifies all the above mentioned terms please send your request to admin[at]

How We Collect Data

All data you see on this page are all estimated numbers. Data gathered from various sources and compiled to one data graph. We produced the most possible numbers provided by multiple sources available publicly. If you have concern with the data we display please don't hesitate of contact us using the contact page.