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Real-time mir4 from Steam. This page will give you live estimation of the number of people playing MIR4; its peak players in a day, maximum concurrent players in a month, and the all time concurrent players.

24-Hour Peak
30-Day Peak
All-Time Peak

Note that all the details you see here are from Steam stats alone and does not include stats from other platforms.



MIR4 Monthly Player Count

MonthAvg Peak PlayersGainGain %Peak Players
Last 30 Days25,251+12.5+0.05%28,386
January 202425,234-213-0.84%28,381
December 202325,447-2204-7.98%28,207
November 202327,65325+0.09%30,945
October 202327,624-800-2.82%30,207
September 202328,429-613-2.11%31,494
August 202329,037-737-2.48%31,752
July 202329,777-908-2.96%32,770
June 202330,683-1205-3.78%33,527
May 202331,893-2272-6.66%35,450
April 202334,164-407-1.18%37,018
March 202334,5671299+3.91%37,982
February 202333,269-400-1.19%35,821
January 202333,67054+0.16%36,830
December 202233,611-1479-4.22%36,396
November 202235,098-1070-2.96%38,475
October 202236,162-1843-4.85%40,892
September 202238,005-651-1.69%42,564
August 202238,654-2900-6.98%42,862
July 202241,557-6281-13.14%48,183
June 202247,836-5727-10.70%55,926
May 202253,567-3621-6.34%59,731
April 202257,1941679+3.03%62,139
March 202255,509-366-0.66%61,502
February 202255,877-3903-6.53%61,571
January 202259,781-11766-16.45%71,263
December 202171,544-6622-8.48%91,705

MiR4 is an open-world, free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and a cryto game just like Axie Infinity but there are major difference. It was developed by Wemade Next and published by Wemade. Released on August 25, 2022, the game is available on PC. This page will offer you insights on how the game perform by player base, how many people play it concurrently, daily and monthly.

The game features an open world where players can hunt, gather, and craft or join a powerful clan to participate in large-scale player versus player (PvP) action. Players can capture territories, collect taxes from them, set bounties on enemies, join 50-player raids for rare loot, declare war on other clans, and participate in castle sieges. The game offers a variety of character classes, including Warrior and Sorcerer, each having unique abilities and playstyles​​.

MIR4 allows players to collect Darksteel, a valuable in-game resource, and trade it for DRACO, the game's cryptocurrency. This token can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, providing a tangible financial reward for players.

MIR4 Vs Axie

MIR4 and Axie Infinity lies in their gameplay and economic models. Axie Infinity leans towards a 'Play to Earn' model, where players can earn money by breeding and selling Axies or by winning battles. MIR4, on the other hand, emphasizes the 'Play and Earn' model, where the primary focus is on enjoying the game, with earnings as a by-product of this process. This balance is a part of MIR4's appeal, providing a captivating gaming experience whilst enabling earnings through resource collection.

As of now, the game has a mixed rating on Steam with 64% of the 13,253 user reviews being positive. The game has also seen a high peak of 97,125 players with around 25,025 currently playing the game on Steam​​.

In terms of popularity on Twitch, MiR4 is the 99th most popular game over the last week, with 584,008 viewer hours across 6,009 streams by 1,874 streamers. The top MiR4 streamer, Marco_Veio, generated 104,759 viewer hours from 7 streams​​.

Please note that this statistics are from players who use Steam as their platform and does not include data from various other supported platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are playing MIR4 right now?

As of this moment, there are 25,025 people playing MIR4 across all supported platforms that use Steam. Please note that this number is acquired directly from Steam Stats and does not include stats from other platforms. You may check more details from the game in this page.

How many people are playing MIR4 daily?

On average, MIR4 has about 26,501 peak concurrent active players each day. This number can increase during weekends or when new updates or events are released.

Is MIR4 dead?

MIR4 is far from being dead, still going strong nearly a year after its initial release and gaining 28,379 peak concurrent players in a day. MIR4 is attracting a massive player base with over 97,125 all time peak concurrent playesr. The game continues to evolve and improve since its initial release.

Is MIR4 free to play?

Yes, MIR4 is a free-to-play game. You can download and play the game from Steam without any purchase.

Is MIR4 a crypto game?

Yes, MIR4 is a crypto game. It integrates blockchain technology to enable players to earn DRACO, an in-game cryptocurrency. The game allows players to exchange their earnings for other cryptocurrencies or keep it within the game's ecosystem.

What crypto can you earn with MIR4?

MIR4 players can earn DRACO, the game's native cryptocurrency. This is done through mining Darksteel, a precious in-game resource. Once players gather enough Darksteel, they can exchange it for DRACO, which can then be converted to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum on certain crypto exchanges.

Is MIR4 play-to-earn?

MIR4 is more of a 'Play and Earn' game rather than 'Play to Earn'. In 'Play and Earn' games, the emphasis is on enjoying the game, with financial rewards as a bonus. Players mine Darksteel during gameplay, which can be converted into DRACO, the in-game cryptocurrency. So while players have the opportunity to earn, the game's primary focus is on providing a captivating MMORPG experience.

Is MIR4 on Steam?

Yes! MIR4 is available on Steam. You can download and play the game from their Official Website to more details about it.

Can you play MIR4 on Mac?

MIR4 does not officially support Mac. Currently, it is only supported on Windows and mobile platform such as Android, and iOS. However, there may be ways you can still play the game on a Mac device by using a Windows emulator such as Parallels. It's important to note that these methods may require additional setup, and the performance may vary.