Top 100 League of Legends Players this Season

League of Legends – Ranked season will be another season of the battle of Champions. If you’re new to the game, you can learn more about how LoL ranking works by reading this article. But if you’re already familiar with league of legends ranking, here are the top ranking players on LoL this season.

League of Legends Season 13 Top Ranking Players - Live Updated

RankPlayerRegionSolo RankWinsWinrateLeague PointsFlex Rank
1Δ DesperateEUNE15863.7%2065 LPChallengerMaster 123 LP Wins: 137 (52.7%)
2BreadwhatwhatLAS12967.2%2024 LPChallengerGrandMaster 266 LP Wins: 24 (53.3%)
3overtired VN (#3)28555.7%2008 LPChallengerMaster 82 LP Wins: 26 (60.5%)
4DeadIy MarkLAN17059.6%2004 LPChallengerEmerald IV Wins: 2 (33.3%)
5UstanakLAS16462.1%1993 LPChallengerDiamond I 91 LP Wins: 9 (90.0%)
6Doss not worldsEUW22360.6%1938 LPChallenger
7l cant leashLAS12266.7%1901 LPChallengerMaster 1 LP Wins: 10 (76.9%)
8MitsheepLAS17157.6%1878 LPChallengerMaster 84 LP Wins: 22 (55.0%)
9EGclub NiubiNA17461.7%1877 LPChallenger
10ZaycoBR14659.6%1864 LPChallenger
11STEPZLAN16859.4%1863 LPChallengerGrandMaster 361 LP Wins: 34 (58.6%)
12Pipibaat YarrEUW19658.9%1857 LPChallengerEmerald III Wins: 2 (40.0%)
13RAIZEN LuuukzBR28555.3%1856 LPChallenger
14AmazoNA13371.9%1848 LPChallenger
15林小希TW13059.1%1836 LPChallenger
16StybmzZ VN (#16)31255.2%1817 LPChallenger
17SparkaholicLAN17358.8%1816 LPChallengerDiamond II 53 LP Wins: 6 (75.0%)
18Yoohyeon1BR14959.8%1805 LPChallenger
19스트레스유발협곡KR15662.2%1803 LPChallenger
20PINH2137EUNE16260.4%1800 LPChallengerDiamond III 8 LP Wins: 3 (60.0%)
21따봉 람미스KR20258.4%1783 LPChallenger
22YukarinaBR18055.9%1773 LPChallenger
23bellingham22BR14458.8%1771 LPChallenger
24G2 Jorah MormontEUW16759.9%1763 LPChallenger
25AíthusaBR28555.0%1755 LPChallengerEmerald I Wins: 0 (0.0%)
26BRO HenaKR24257.5%1755 LPChallenger
27twtv mterrorismTR11863.4%1733 LPChallenger
28TakeSet samaEUW18757.0%1731 LPChallenger
29G2 DracarysEUW20756.4%1729 LPChallenger
30i have no enemieBR29653.2%1722 LPChallengerDiamond III 51 LP Wins: 4 (57.1%)
31Unlimited SwordsBR23856.4%1722 LPChallengerPlatinum II Wins: 5 (83.3%)
32hovinko z koseEUW16959.1%1718 LPChallenger
33TheRoyalKaninEUW20256.6%1705 LPChallenger
34KC NEXT ADKINGEUW17457.2%1704 LPChallenger
35TCO Dương Phạm VN (#35)14958.2%1696 LPChallengerDiamond I 61 LP Wins: 18 (64.3%)
36tinowns01BR14259.9%1692 LPChallenger
37JákovTR22060.9%1689 LPChallengerDiamond IV 0 LP Wins: 16 (66.7%)
38FEAR OF DEADTR19155.2%1685 LPChallengerDiamond III 14 LP Wins: 3 (60.0%)
39终是梦SG15757.1%1672 LPChallenger
40Thørs SnorressonEUW20557.1%1667 LPChallenger
41riih7BR20156.1%1661 LPChallenger
42FX AncrathBR11262.9%1661 LPChallenger
43kzh1BR12063.8%1654 LPChallengerDiamond II 4 LP Wins: 6 (50.0%)
44Walid GeorgeyEUW16758.8%1647 LPChallengerDiamond I 75 LP Wins: 12 (75.0%)
45IugerEUW21957.5%1638 LPChallenger
46hỉ nộ ái ố VN (#46)14658.2%1638 LPChallenger
47ÝunLAN13458.8%1635 LPChallenger
48Cobra R1SG9668.1%1633 LPChallenger
49BoyEUNE13066.7%1631 LPChallenger
50TL Honda CoreJJNA16758.8%1626 LPChallenger
51popsmoke999EUW19760.2%1625 LPChallenger
52QUINDINHOBR29153.6%1619 LPChallengerDiamond I 26 LP Wins: 8 (80.0%)
53daoxinwengu1KR24256.1%1619 LPChallenger
54bee goes bzzzzzEUW23555.8%1618 LPChallenger
55NS CalixKR25755.2%1604 LPChallenger
56TwTv DaptionNA18257.2%1594 LPChallengerEmerald I Wins: 9 (60.0%)
57lyncas good kidEUW23456.0%1593 LPChallenger
58RadioheadKR29053.2%1592 LPChallenger
59saroluBR24754.2%1591 LPChallenger
60ChórdyBR28554.2%1590 LPChallenger
61Playcool1 VN (#61)24555.7%1589 LPChallenger
62XXuanRU21760.4%1581 LPChallengerEmerald IV Wins: 23 (88.5%)
63człowiek z gapuEUNE21157.7%1580 LPChallengerPlatinum III Wins: 3 (33.3%)
64Devil PancakeLAN29655.0%1574 LPChallengerMaster 134 LP Wins: 19 (59.4%)
65huhuhahahihi VN (#65)13862.4%1574 LPChallenger
66JUGKlNGKR16759.4%1571 LPChallenger
67Isles1NA17955.9%1566 LPChallenger
68oId timesBR13058.8%1561 LPChallenger
69west soonTR22355.3%1560 LPChallengerMaster 218 LP Wins: 29 (55.8%)
70Grind ArcEUW21356.1%1553 LPChallenger
71НОЖОЙRU26755.3%1539 LPChallengerPlatinum I Wins: 6 (75.0%)
72JotaEmeZBR33453.3%1538 LPChallengerPlatinum I Wins: 6 (60.0%)
73FX KojimaBR21554.0%1530 LPChallenger
74ProDeltaBR14758.1%1524 LPChallenger
75SamikinNA19855.6%1513 LPChallengerDiamond II 1 LP Wins: 7 (87.5%)
76TutszBR10261.8%1513 LPChallenger
77QnoxsEUW34154.0%1512 LPChallenger
78macquennTR22858.3%1508 LPChallengerPlatinum III Wins: 8 (66.7%)
79bbeNuziBR18454.6%1498 LPChallenger
80azekBR25453.8%1497 LPChallenger
81dlpwRio887288OCE9560.5%1488 LPChallengerEmerald I Wins: 4 (80.0%)
82pftKR18257.6%1485 LPChallenger
83HauzBR12857.7%1483 LPChallenger
84trill hidanBR12861.0%1483 LPChallenger
85WirkoLAN23654.8%1471 LPChallengerChallenger 530 LP Wins: 90 (64.3%)
86KyôseOCE17655.3%1471 LPChallengerEmerald IV Wins: 3 (50.0%)
87asd132KR15660.7%1461 LPChallenger
88shhh be quietBR22054.7%1459 LPChallenger
89GW VillagerEUW13758.3%1459 LPChallenger
90Zimmermann TH (#90)9163.6%1453 LPChallengerEmerald I Wins: 6 (46.2%)
91TTV Pomerzz 1NA25656.9%1452 LPChallenger
92Cũng Đành Thôi VN (#92)15856.6%1451 LPChallengerDiamond I 75 LP Wins: 48 (76.2%)
93G2ThreeEyeDravenEUW17555.4%1450 LPChallenger
94CupicNA12758.8%1449 LPChallenger
95錯開的時間裡TW10562.5%1449 LPChallenger
96AlthusaBR29652.5%1445 LPChallenger
97XiйxaBR16256.1%1443 LPChallenger
98FUR ManelBR12157.9%1443 LPChallenger
99pizzaman007NA18455.4%1439 LPChallenger
100ƒëärLAN19455.9%1437 LPChallengerDiamond III 16 LP Wins: 5 (45.5%)

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Who is the No. 1 League of Legends Player this Season?

Currently, the top ranking League of Legends player is Δ Desperatecurrent rank as a Challenger player, with over 158 wins and 63.7% winratehe has 2065 LP league points. Followed by Breadwhatwhat with over 2024 LP league points.

The Challenger Rank

Challenger is the highest rank in League of legends and most Challengers players are on the top of the charts! Each season the players rank will reset to the lowest tier and you have to climb up your way starting from the Iron to Challenger.

Note that each loss will result in elo loss thus you will take a lot of time to climb up your way up. Your rank greatly depends when you play the game, your win/loss record will affect your ranking. The more games you win, the higher your rank will go.

How to Rank High in LoL?

To be the highest ranked player simply win matches! The more you win the more you gain LP or League Points and the more LP the most likely you climb up on each rank division. Note that each division has 4 levels such as Iron I, Iron II, Iron III and Iron IV and so as the other division.

What is LP or League Points?

League Points or LP are given when you win matches and you will also loss your gained LP when you loss a match. This is why its hard to climb up your way especially when you are a newbie player. Ranking in LoL will take a lot of experience and gameplay.

You have to gain 100 LP to enter the promotion series. This series will have you especial chance to climb up your way to the next division. Say you are in Gold I and you gained 100 LP you can now enter promotion series which you will need to win 3 matches and climb to Platinum IV.

When will LoL Season 13 End?

Riot did not indicate the exact date but like the previous seasons most likely it will end on the 2nd week of November. Off-season will begin immediately, during the off season you will still get rewards depending on what Rank you are on the last season.

New season will start on January of the following year, so January 2023.

Will You Still Get Rewards during Off season?

Yes, you will still get rewards. Now, your rewards will depend on what rank you currently in during the last season before the off-season. So if you are Platinum during the season you will get rewards as a Platinum player during the off season.

Rewards will depend on RIOT most of the time they will give FREE SKINS or PROFILE BANNER and even CHROMAS.

League of Legends Ranks

Here are the 9 ranks in League of Legends. Iron as the lowest and Challenger as the highest. The higher the rank more league points you can accumulate.


Player Distribution Between Ranks

Most of the players are currently in Silver Rank it makes roughly 33% of the whole player base. 24% players are in Gold division and 25% are in Bronze division. Belowa are the complete list of the ranking distribution of players during this season. This table is live updated from

RankRank %Tier %
Diamond I0.40%2.70%
Diamond II0.47%
Diamond III0.62%
Diamond IV1.2%
Emerald I1.1%10%
Emerald II1.7%
Emerald III2.7%
Emerald IV5.4%
Platinum I2.0%16%
Platinum II3.1%
Platinum III4.1%
Platinum IV6.8%
Gold I2.8%20%
Gold II4.2%
Gold III5.2%
Gold IV8.0%
Silver I3.0%20%
Silver II4.3%
Silver III5.2%
Silver IV7.4%
Bronze I3.5%20%
Bronze II4.7%
Bronze III5.3%
Bronze IV7.2%