Is Valorant Down Right Now? Valorant Down Checker

Valorant is an online game. Online games are very prone to server issues, game play issues, website issues and more. It is important to check if Valorant is having problem as a whole or you are the only one experiencing issues.

Check if Valorant is having problems with our Valorant Down Checker Tool. Using the table below indicates which issue is Valorant having problems right now.

Valorant has almost 2 million daily players. It is very understandable if its having server issues. Check below if Valorant is down right now or it is just you?

Is Valorant Down Right Now?

As an activeplayer of course you would be frustrated if your favorite game is down right now. Check out here if Valorant is down for everybody or it is just you.

Service Status Last Check
Server Connection No Issues right now. Check Reports a minute ago
Game Play No Issues right now. Check Reports a minute ago
Login/Website No Issues right now. Check Reports a minute ago

Valorant Down Check Reports

Check out user reports in the last 24 hours which problem they are experiencing.

Issues Reported in 24 Hours Reports Last Check
No IssuesIssues No Issues 24 hours
No IssuesIssues No Issues 24 hours
No Issues Issues No Issues 24 hours

This table shows what part of the game users reports they are having issues with. Most common issues are server problems and game play problems. There are also issues on logging in and users who can’t connect to the games website.

About Valorant

Valorant developed by Riot Games released in June of 2020 due to the pandemic it has quickly gained attention and has risen among ranks in a short time.

It’s a multiplayer first-person shooting game created using Unreal Engine. Currently, Valorant is only available for Windows PC.

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