How we collect data

ActivePlayer.IO as of right now is a personal based website which govern by no entity except for me and my team.

How We collect these data?

All data such as the monthly user count, the Users chart, the table presented are the result of extensive research on a specific game. We run through numerous statistics websites that offer statistical data for the game such as,,,, and more. I entered these data on software and produce detailed and improved results.

All data presented by are all estimated data and should NOT be used as factual reference. We have developed an algorithm that generates data using the already available values from the market.

How the Live Player Counter Works?

Since no Game Company is willing to share their live logged user’s data. went ahead and produced an estimated data. The live Player counter is the result of a mathematical formula in which the base data are from such as the monthly user’s data. Unlike other game statistics website, they are not just randomly displayed numbers. They are the nearest estimated to the exact data!

If you have a concern how the data is presented. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Statistics For Mobile Game

Collecting data from mobile games mainly came from Google Play Store, AppStore, and We gather many times the game has been downloaded compare it with other platforms that provide various statistics then we generate a detailed data for the chart and the table.