Top 100 Overwatch 2 Players: Top Ranking This Season

Overwatch new season is off to a great start and of course we are here to update you who’s gaining the momentum to be the top ranking Overwatch player. It’s time to see who’s at the top of the charts of Overwatch League.

Overwatch is one of the huge Moba games and it’s no secret that the game’s popularity has been growing steadily since the beginning of its release, but this season has seen some of the highest numbers yet especially they are releasing Overwatch 2.

We’ve seen a lot of new players trying to climb their way up the ranks, and even more veterans who have returned to try their hand on the top list.

Below are the ranking of the top players on Overwatch, listed by Player Rating, Winrate and Fire. Check out below list of the top players on Overwatch this season!

Please note that since Overwatch is not Cross-platfrom we have separated top ranking players by the platform they are using which is PC, XBOX and PlayStation.

So without further ado, here are the top players on Overwatch by Platform! This table is updated live you will immediately see changes if ranking change from Overwatch servers.

Current Season – Overwatch 2 Ranking Players – Updated!

Overwatch 2 Stats Tracker – Player Stats Tracker this Season

Ranking Players PC

Ranking Players Console

Who is the #1 Player on Overwatch for PC this Season?

Currently, the top player on overwatch on the PC platform is WarDevil with over 12,774 score and 67.22% winrate

Who is the #1 Player on Overwatch for Console this Season?

Currently, the top player on overwatch on the console platform is Scorpio with over 13,317 score and 75.69% winrate

Overwatch Ranking Faqs

How Overwatch Ranking System Works?

First, the system will have to determine how long you have been playing the game and must be acquainted with all the features and how the game works before you get included on the ranking system.

Getting included on the ranking system and being in the competitive playlist if not the same thing to get included, you have to first reached level 25 to get there, you must simply play the game.

Quickplay and Arcade will give you enough experience to reach that level in no time.

Pro tip: You will get +20% EXP if you are playing with a Group (not solo).

When you reached level 25 you can play with assigned role and while on the gameplay Overwatch system will do his magic and determine if you performed well and will give you Skill Ratings or SR.

How SR or Skill Rating is determined?

SR or Skill Rating can only be accumulated during the Rank Mode. Overwatch will do the math on how you performed your role on the game. Say, you are a Tank – a tank focuses on defense and being the bait most of the time so your Damage dealer can kill enemies behind your back.

Don’t get discourage if you don’t have enough kills on the game, as long as you have good gameplay and your defense is awesome that enables your DPS will elimiate enemies, Overwatch will reward you with proper Skill Rating.

What are the Ranks in Overwatch?

Currently, there are 8 ranks on Overwatch the top 100 players are what you see on the tables that performed well depending on the platform they are using.

Rank Skill Rating
Bronze 0 – 1,499
Silver 1,500 – 1,999
Gold 2,000 – 2,499
Platinum 2,500 – 2999
Diamond 3,000 – 3499
Masters 3,500 – 3,999
GrandMaters 4,000+
Top 500 4,000+

Players you performed well and made more than 4,000 Skill rating will be listed as top players when you check out the table of top 100 players you will immediately determine the Player Rating all you have to do is surpass that and be listed as a top player.

Please note that the table of top players are live updated