Fortnite Live Player Base Breakdown

Here’s a detailed live player base statistics for Fortnite. Right now, Fortnite boasts a total of 1,620,576 live players in the past 30 minutes. This data is the total player currently playing the game across all of the battle modes available on Fortnite.

On this page, we are going to show you how many people are playing the Battle Royale, Ranked Mode Battle Royale, and the Zero Build Battle Royale. This way we can distinguish which Battle mode has most of the players.

Please note that there are more battle modes on Fortnite, however, we are not going to include them on this list.

Global Players Right Now

1,620,576 – 10 minutes ago

Battle Royale Players

312,897 – 10 minutes ago

Ranked Mode Battle Royale Players

413,296 – 10 minutes ago

Zero Build Battle Royale Players

249,253 – 10 minutes ago

Ranked Zero Build Battle Royale Players

42,500 – 10 minutes ago

Save the World Players

16,664 – 10 minutes ago

Counter refreshes every 10 minutes.

Fortnite Hourly Live Player Counter by Game Mode

Below is the hourly breakdown of player count in the past 24 hours. Sorted by Game mode, such as the Global Player count, Battle Royale, Ranked Battle Royale, Zero Build Battle Royale, Ranked Zero Battle Royale and Save the world modes. Data is live and updated.

24h Hourly StatsYesterday Stats3 Days Ago1 Week Stats1 Month Stats
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Chart is live updated using GMT+8:00 Timezone