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Real-time estimate Don't Starve Together live player counter from Steam. This page will give you live estimation of the number of people playing Don't Starve Together and its peak players in a day, maximum concurrent players in a month, and the all time concurrent players.

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Note that all the details you see here are from Steam stats alone and does not include stats from other platforms.



Don't Starve Together Monthly Player Count

MonthAvg Peak PlayersGainGain %Peak Players
Last 30 Days27,943-39-0.14%58,401
August 202327,979-719-2.51%58,399
July 202328,706-627-2.14%56,743
June 202329,332-7629-20.66%65,700
May 202336,96115173+69.76%114,146
April 202321,7863265+17.66%106,201
March 202318,522361+1.99%49,601
February 202318,160-5037-21.75%41,517
January 202323,2001353+6.20%48,699
December 202221,8461657+8.22%59,864
November 202220,1892255+12.60%52,749
October 202217,9302975+19.93%52,848
September 202214,962-4770-24.22%34,162
August 202219,729-535-2.64%42,808
July 202220,2651473+7.85%41,478
June 202218,7881086+6.15%42,314
May 202217,701-45-0.25%37,901
April 202217,7431071+6.43%39,995
March 202216,673-3198-16.12%40,348
February 202219,880-3016-13.20%43,446
January 202222,895275+1.22%46,248
December 202122,6211760+8.45%49,473
November 202120,8596072+41.17%60,193
October 202114,779-281-1.87%39,868
September 202115,065-2838-15.88%33,400
August 202117,902-84-0.47%36,011
July 202117,989-681-3.65%38,837
June 202118,670711+3.97%43,495
May 202117,9605152+40.35%46,007
April 202112,805-508-3.83%26,652
March 202113,313-6207-31.86%27,770
February 202119,517-1324-6.36%40,237
January 202120,8461272+6.51%42,604
December 202019,5743698+23.35%40,830
November 202015,8681712+12.12%34,709
October 202014,1552787+24.58%39,813
September 202011,369-2621-18.77%22,902
August 202013,996-3624-20.61%24,513
July 202017,616249+1.43%31,931
June 202017,3713478+25.10%41,478
May 202013,894-3722-21.17%26,906
April 202017,6101917+12.24%45,542

About Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game, Don't Starve. The game share the same genre with Rust, and The Forest. Developed by Klei Entertainment, a reputable video game studio based in Canada, the game has been consistently popular since its release. This standalone expansion includes new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and giant new challenges to make the game even more engaging. This page will offer you insights on how the game is perceived by users through the number of people playing it concurrently.

In Don't Starve Together, players are thrust into a strange and unexplored world teeming with peculiar creatures, hazards, and surprises. The objective is simple: don't starve. However, surviving in this unpredictable wilderness is anything but straightforward.

In the game players must gather resources, craft items, and construct structures to fend off hunger, hostile monsters, and other elements. Cooperation and teamwork are vital in multiplayer mode, where players must work together to survive the harsh conditions.

The game's offers a unique visual style, with its hand-drawn, gothic art design, creates a distinctive world that is both eerie and enchanting. Coupled with the game's challenging survival mechanics, Don't Starve Together offers an immersive gaming experience.

These statistics are provided by Steam stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are playing Don't Starve Together right now?

As of this momment, there are about 11,357 live concurrent people playing Don't Starve Together. This data are acquired directly from Steam stats and does not include users who are not using Steam.

How many people are playing Don't Starve Together daily?

Don't Starve Together garners an average daily player count of about 45,498 peak player today. With maximum of 58,412 in the past 30 days.

Is Don't Starve Together still popular in 2023?

Yes, Don't Starve Together continues to enjoy popularity in 2023. The game remains active with a dedicated player base, and the developers at Klei Entertainment continue to support the game with new content. With over 11,357 strong concurrent players this still rocking it.

Is Don't Starve Together dead?

No, Don't Starve Together is far from being dead. The game's challenging survival mechanics and the continuous introduction of new content keep its community active and engaged.

Is Don't Starve Together free to play?

Unfortunately, Don't Starve Together is not a free-to-play game. It is a premium game that can be purchased for around $14.99 for the Best of Klei 2023 Bundle and $13.99 for the Survival Bundle. You may visit their Steam Page for more variation of the game, and visit their official page for more detailed info.

Is Don't Starve Together on Steam?

Yes, Don't Starve Together is available for purchase and download on Steam.

Can you play Don't Starve Together on Mac?

While the game did not explicitly state full support for Mac, it is generally possible to play most PC games on Mac devices using Windows Emulators such as Parallels. Always check the game's system requirements to ensure compatibility with your device.

What are the minimum system requirements for Don't Starve Together?

The minimum system requirements for Don't Starve Together are as follows:

  • CPU Speed: 1.7+ GHz or better
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video Card: Radeon HD 5450 or better; 256 MB or higher (or GeForce 6600 GT)
  • Dedicated Video RAM: 256 MB
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Free Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Sound Card: Yes

Please note that these are the minimum requirements and the game might not perform optimally on these settings. It is always recommended to check the game's recommended system requirements for the best experience.