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Real-time Escape the Backrooms live player counter from Steam. This page will give you live estimation of the number of people playing Escape the Backrooms; its peak players in a day, maximum concurrent players in a month, and the all time concurrent players.

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Note that all the details you see here are from Steam stats alone and does not include stats from other platforms.



Escape the Backrooms Monthly Player Count

MonthAvg Peak PlayersGainGain %Peak Players
Last 30 Days2,468-5-0.22%6,011
June 20242,466182+8.09%6,004
May 20242,282-674-23.05%6,339
April 20242,958-315-9.71%10,053
March 20243,275-1179-26.68%9,224
February 20244,4571481+50.38%12,008
January 20242,9771277+76.80%16,418
December 20231,695-373-18.34%4,371
November 20232,06620+1.02%5,283
October 20232,049135+7.20%5,801
September 20231,914-515-21.52%6,083
August 20232,431-944-28.27%5,734
July 20233,377593+21.61%8,022
June 20232,7801642+148.84%10,614
May 20231,13911+1.02%2,826
April 20231,124-49-4.28%2,283
March 20231,173-407-26.28%2,909

About Escape the Backrooms

Escape the Backrooms is a captivating Indie horror exploration game that sets itself apart in the genre. Developed and published by Fancy Games, it was launched worldwide on August 11, 2022. The game supports both single-player and online co-op modes, and it also features VR support, making it accessible to a diverse range of gaming enthusiasts.

Escape the Backrooms isn't your ordinary horror game. It's an immersive, cooperative horror exploration game where up to four players navigate through eerie backroom levels, avoiding entities and other dangers in their bid to escape. Regular content updates with new levels and game modes keep the player community engaged and rewarded.

Just like most modern games, Escape the Backrooms features an early access mode, which means the developers are still actively working on the game and taking player feedback into account. This ensures that the game continues to evolve and improve since its initial release.

This page will offer you some insights on how the game is generally received by players around the globe as we offer live data estimation on the concurrent players of the game, daily, and monthly. This game was released in August 2022 and has since garnered a significant player base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are playing Escape the Backrooms right now?

As of this moment, there are 2,771 people playing Escape the Backrooms across all supported platforms that use Steam. Please note that this number is acquired directly from Steam Stats and does not include stats from other platforms.

How many people are playing Escape the Backrooms daily?

On average, Escape the Backrooms has about 5,484 peak concurrent active players each day. This number can increase during weekends or when new updates or events are released.

Is Escape the Backrooms dead?

Escape the Backrooms is far from dead! The game is still going strong nearly a year after its initial release and gaining 6,009 peak concurrent players in a day. The game continues to evolve and improve since its initial release. The game continue to received updates and has an active discord community.

Is Escape the Backrooms free to play?

Unfortunately, Escape the Backrooms is not a free game and does not offer any free versions. It's a premium game that you can buy on Steam.

Is Escape the Backrooms on Steam?

Yes! Escape the Backrooms is available on Steam. You can buy and install the game from their Page.

Can you play Escape the Backrooms on Mac?

Currently, Escape the Backrooms does not officially support Mac, but there are ways that you can still play the game on a device Mac by streaming it via Boosteroid or GeForce Now, or by installing Windows Emulator such as Paralles on your Mac. However, it's important to note that these methods may require additional setup and the performance may vary.