Top 100 League of Legends Players this Season

League of Legends Season 13 – Ranked season will be another season of the battle of Champions. If you’re new to the game, you can learn more about how LoL ranking works by reading this article. But if you’re already familiar with league of legends ranking, here are the top ranking players on LoL this season.

League of Legends Season 13 Top Ranking Players – Live Updated

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Who is the No. 1 League of Legends Player this Season?

Currently, the top ranking League of Legends player is frosty current rank as a Challenger player, with over 201 wins and 58.4% winratehe has 1870 league points. Followed by Hugatin with over 1853 league points.

The Challenger Rank

Challenger is the highest rank in League of legends and most Challengers players are on the top of the charts! Each season the players rank will reset to the lowest tier and you have to climb up your way starting from the Iron to Challenger.

Note that each loss will result in elo loss thus you will take a lot of time to climb up your way up. Your rank greatly depends when you play the game, your win/loss record will affect your ranking. The more games you win, the higher your rank will go.

How to Rank High in LoL?

To be the highest ranked player simply win matches! The more you win the more you gain LP or League Points and the more LP the most likely you climb up on each rank division. Note that each division has 4 levels such as Iron I, Iron II, Iron III and Iron IV and so as the other division.

What is LP or League Points?

League Points or LP are given when you win matches and you will also loss your gained LP when you loss a match. This is why its hard to climb up your way especially when you are a newbie player. Ranking in LoL will take a lot of experience and gameplay.

You have to gain 100 LP to enter the promotion series. This series will have you especial chance to climb up your way to the next division. Say you are in Gold I and you gained 100 LP you can now enter promotion series which you will need to win 3 matches and climb to Platinum IV.

When will LoL Season 13 End?

League of Legends Season 13. Riot did not indicate the exact date but like the previous seasons most likely it will end on the 2nd week of November. Off-season will begin immediately, during the off season you will still get rewards depending on what Rank you are on the last season.

New season will start on January of the following year, so January 2023.

Will You Still Get Rewards during Off season?

Yes, you will still get rewards. Now, your rewards will depend on what rank you currently in during the last season before the off-season. So if you are Platinum during the season you will get rewards as a Platinum player during the off season.

Rewards will depend on RIOT most of the time they will give FREE SKINS or PROFILE BANNER and even CHROMAS.

League of Legends Ranks

Here are the 9 ranks in League of Legends. Iron as the lowest and Challenger as the highest. The higher the rank more league points you can accumulate.

Player Distribution Between Ranks

Most of the players are currently in Silver Rank it makes roughly 33% of the whole player base. 24% players are in Gold division and 25% are in Bronze division. Belowa are the complete list of the ranking distribution of players during this season. This table is live updated from

Rank Players %
Challenger 0.03%
GrandMaster 0.06%
Master 0.47%
Diamond I 2.60%
Diamond II
Diamond III
Diamond IV
Platinum I 9.50%
Platinum II
Platinum III
Platinum IV
Gold I 22%
Gold II
Gold III
Gold IV
Silver I 31%
Silver II
Silver III
Silver IV
Bronze I 26%
Bronze II
Bronze III
Bronze IV
Iron I 7.30%
Iron II
Iron III
Iron IV